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Home Shop Herbal & Offering Items Conch Shell (Right-turning)

Conch Shell (Right-turning)


Rare right-turning white conch shell — one of the eight symbols of auspiciousness in Buddhist tradition, representing melodious and all-pervasive sound of Buddha’s teachings.

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Conch shells that spiral to the right are rare, and considered sacred in Buddhist tradition. Among the eight outer offerings on the shrine the last is the offering of sound or music. In Buddhism right-turning white conch shell is one of the auspicious symbols, its sound represents all-pervasive melodious sound of Buddha’s teachings, that awakens from the sleep of ignorance. When we use a conch shell as a symbol of the offering of music, it can be placed in the 7th offering bowl vertically. If it is used as a container for the cleansing water, it is placed horizontally, together with a stick of kusha grass to sprinkle the offerings.


Apprrox. length – 9 cm, weight – 50-60 g


“According to the Chokling Tersar tradition, we use a conch and kusha grass for cleansing water instead of a vase (Tib. bumpa). In this case conch becomes two-in-one: it symbolizes the offering of music, and also represents the bumpa, a vessel for cleansing water. Kusha grass is used for consecration, to sprinkle the offerings on the shrine, tormas, tsok, sang and sur offerings etc. Some people just sprinkle the cleansing water with their fingertips, but it’s a disrespectful way.” This explanation has been given by Khenpo Gyaltsen from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monastery.

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